Business Support


Years of experience in science and research management in the life sciences, Taking new and exciting science concepts to the market place can be a long road, find out how SciLactis Ltd can assist, by:in particular related to dairy, means we can assist your business in the areas below. Let us know if you would like to follow up on any of the following:

  • Providing independent expert advice
  • Strategy development & scenario planning
  • Conducting desk studies
  • Facilitating introductions to New Zealand companies and science providers in dairy and value-add food area
  • Assisting with developing and evaluating business cases
  • Evaluation of business opportunities
  • Developing or fine tuning of science and research strategy
  • Market research
  • Independent evaluation of science and research programmes and departments
  • Scientific advise (Science Advisory Pannels)
  • Company Directorship (member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand)
  • Preparing Animal Ethics applications (authorized by Ministry Primary Industries) and handling related paperwork
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